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As many administrators across South Australia are aware, Golf Australia provides rules, handicapping, course rating and competition management services as required.

Process for All Affiliated Clubs & Districts to Lodge Queries

If a club member has a rules query, they should:
1) search for the answer in the Rules of Golf Book
2) if they are unable to find the answer, seek advice from their relevant Club Committee.

If the Club then requires clarification on a rules query, they can contact Golf SA.

We request that all rules queries be emailed to Golf Support Officer -





List of (SA) Accredited Level 2 Rules Officials - CLICK HERE

List of (SA) Accredited Level 3 (National) Rules Officials - CLICK HERE


We encourage clubs to explore ways in which the club membership experience can be enhanced. One such way can be to provide to juniors, beginners, or members of lesser ability etc, a shorter course option than would otherwise be available to them (which in many cases can make for a more enjoyable experience).

We have recently rated a number of Short Courses at various clubs across the state. These courses are known as ‘Orange Tee Courses’ and must be at least 2743 meters long and preferably, should not be longer than 3600 meters.

We would like to keep expanding the number of Orange Courses in SA for the development of the game and is offering this service to SA Golf Clubs.

Please refer to the following two documents:

  1. Short Course - Orange Tee Guidelines
  2. Short Course - Advantages for Golfers

Rating Procedure as stated in the documentation:

If your club is interested in having an Orange course rated, a Club Committee representative should contact us via email The office will refer your details to the Course Rating Team, who will contact you to arrange a convenient time for the rating.


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